Rock in a Hard Place


TV Show

Rock in a Hard Place is a cable series currently in develpment at Noshpit Entertainment. The story revolves around Jewish punk legend, Lance "Lint" Jones, who, upon leaving rehab, is forced to live with his mother. Slated to shoot in July.

Plot Outline
After being released from a 90 day stint in court-ordered rehab, Lance "Lint" Jones emerges with a newfound desire to try and be the dad he never was.

Patrick Muldoon
Denise Richards

Directed By

Written By
David Fagin, Stephanie Fagin, Rick Louis


Lawrence David Janowitz -AKA, Lance "Lint" Jones, -frontman for late 70s punk icons 'The Prix', has lived a life to total irresponsibility. He's spawned three children- 

Prism - the beautiful, Harvard educated, lesbian lawyer.

Shadow - A teen pop star fast on her way to becoming the next "Lindsay"

and Martin - A brilliant, but most likely autistic, teenage boy. 

-with two ex-wives -

Dr. Debbie - the former groupie turned female 'Dr. Phil.'

and Janice - the failed 'Skinemax' B-movie actress who uses her daughter's fame as a way to manipulate everyone around her.

- and wakes up one day, broke but finally sober, and realizes he needs to get his shit together before he's dead. Trouble is, no one wants anything to do with him. So he moves in with mom.